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What you are purchasing is in fact a three page mini website with a unique address that features your name. Example:
Completely editable at all times with a secure password login, it will be comprised of :
(a) A Profile page where you may enter your CV or Resume alonside a framed head shot of yourself.
(b) A Gallery page with expanding images & individual commentry boxes. (16 for Artists 8 for all other categories)
(c) A Media page: Featuring a Notice Board (replaces this default box) post your latest events, past exhibitions or performances: a Links exchange for friends & associates; social or personal pics & links to the social networks, (Twitter, Facebook, Linken.)
PLUS add Audio & Video files to further display your talents (Your Video will replace the default video that currently displays on your right.)
Full access to our Event Calendar, place coming events - up to 12 months in advance.
You receive Priority listing - "Go to the Top", Premium listings are displayed before all others on our List Page as well as having priority in our Observer Newsletter with live links to your profile for Pre Exhibition Previews.
(Up to ten artists may have their names added to their Gallery listing and linked back to their profile, check with your exhibiting Gallery to add this feature.)
Bonus for Artists & Photographers: The Showroom exclusively displays Premium members, Artist & Photographer listings including the artist's name - price & contact (Gallery) details.

This remarkable package is available for just $220.00 per annum.

You may already have a web-site, it makes no difference you will benefit from being part of our Community of Artists and Artistes, our high net profile will mean more people will see you on the Australian Artist & Talent Register site then any other artist site or personal listing.
A Google search will find us consistently among their top listings, but dont take our word for it, search, compare and discover - no other site comes close!
Visitor numbers are displayed on our home page as well as circulation numbers for The Observer Newsletter.
Professional photography & video packages, when only the best will do The Australian Artist & Talent Register recommends & uses photographer J.J. Simpson for the professional touch.
Quality Australian made & delivered Nationally, Business cards, Postcards, Posters, etc. Our members receive generous discounts - let us quote and you compare.

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