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Elanor-Jane has been teaching contemporary dance, ballet, contemporary-hip hop conjunction and creating choreography, in primary and secondary schools, for private dance schools, for corporations and for dance companies, fulltime for the past three years. These include Youth Ballet Company, Presbyterians Ladies College, Melissa White Studio of Classical and Contemporary Dance, Joondalup Academy of Performing Arts, WA Health Department’s Health and Wellness Centre, Link Dance Company and for QL2 Youth Centres “Soft Landing Program” primarily in Perth and now bases herself in Melbourne.

Her vision is to share the art of dance by ways that inspire excitement, creativity and passion from her students. She has an unshakable belief that the social, physical and intellectual development of children is greatly aided through facilitating learning about the body and its co-ordinations. Through movement and dance children gain more confidence, learn better and have better moods. The techniques she offers are certain to become key elements in the foundations of education.

Alongside her educational career Elanor-Jane is also highly active amongst the Australian professional dance community. This year saw her perform in the premier of Sue Peacock’s ”Questions without Notice”. The first development of her latest work “The Other Two Thirds of Me” just premiered as a part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Dance Miniature program in which she also performed in “Filling up Empty” choreography by Chimene Steele-Prior. As a member of Soft Landing project team she was directed by Solon Ulbrich and Amelia McQueen in the development and performance of “As High As You Can”.