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My name is Ashleigh Porter and i will be famous. I know it, feel it and believe it. Ever since i was a small child i knew that it was my destiny, i sang all the time, i remember going out with my father to where he worked and i would sing in the playground, stairs and street.

Everywhere i went i would sing and perform. I was born to be a star, i did everything from dancing, singing and acting, i was drawn to the spotlight. Music and performing is my life, it's my drug, my reality, my escape.

I am always writing new songs and learning about myself more and more every time, i believe i was given this gift for a reason and i won't let it go to waste, i will never give up. My greatest influence would have to be P!nk because i love her kick ass attitude, style, ambition and determination.

I am determined to get myself known and recognized, no matter what it takes. I have a real passion, a true heart and a personality that everyone should know and see. I believe some people were born with talent and others were trained to have talent. Baby i was born with it and i am going to show the world!