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My inspiration blossomed whilst watching my mother perform with her Dance Company when I was young she retired on the year she turned 53 she was still performing with the beautiful grace and skill that 45 yrs of Classical Ballet and dance training had instilled in her. Belyssa - my beautiful teacher and mentor dances with such sophistication, joy and passion. She doesn’t dance to the music, she becomes the music. Not only has she given me a great technique but also a broad understanding of the Middle Eastern Culture with all its diversity and splendor whilst still being able to adapt to a western audience.

not to mention my students who give me 200% every time I see them…


I have danced constantly since I was about 5 Learning Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary Dance.

My Middle Eastern Dance Training began in 2002, with Belyssa from the Belyssa Academy of Dance Orientale.

Dance styles I have studied with her include Classical Egyptian, Pop, Folkloric (Saidi, Beledi, Khaleegy, Bedouin, Nubian), Turkish and Greek to name a few. I have also attended workshops with the likes of Liza Laziza, Tito and Kazafy, Randa Kamel, Hossam Abdel Ghany From Egypt to name a few.

2004 I started teaching for Belyssa, TAFE and continued on to open my own studio Raqs Zahara.

In 2006 I completed my teachers training course with Belyssa and 2006 Saw the Launch of ORPHEANS my own dance studio and the inception of Amiret El Zahara my belly dance troupe

2007 to Present has seen my self and my troupe perform in performances such as Darlington Arts Festival, Canning ton Show, Buddha’s Birthday Celebration, Midland Comes Together show, Swan Festival lights, WAMED, I have Choreographed and performed Oz Concerts 2010 and 2011(Televised on SBS), Australia Day Perth Foreshore—Perth Festival Stage 2010 and 2011