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Ainsley has had a dream for as long as she can remember. From an outgoing enthusiastic child singing down the streets of San Francisco California to a talented highly trained performer.

Ainsley’s music is authentic with a unique sound, her lyrics abstract yet poetic coming straight from the heart and have the strength to touch people deeply. Ainsley’s influences are diverse and include: Jewel, John Lennon, Bryan Adams and Credence Clearwater Revival. Like many aspiring artists she jumped at the chance to participate in every School Performance possible: Plays, musicals, variety nights and festivals. She also played trumpet and violin in the School Band. After finishing VCE (Victoria Certificate Of Education /U.S High School Diploma ) at 16 years of age, Ainsley pursued her dream by attending a Performing Arts Academy in Melbourne, Australia, there she developed her singing abilities even further and studied: Dancing, TV/ Film and theatre acting, fencing and fight choreography. Ainsley has had many appearances on the Spanish Channel 31 and Fox Cable TV and was one of the supporting acts for the Chilean Idol on his tour to Australia 2004. Now 16 she is working on her 1st album playing guitar and piano, writing and performing her music around Melbourne. She also performs in professional dance shows covering: Jazz, ballet, funk, hip/hop, lyrical and tap and she also teaches: funk hip/hop at some schools in the city.

Ainsley’s says her ultimate dream would be.
‘To be singing to a huge crowd of fans reaching them in a way that is true to them, so we can both share something special’.