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Hi and welcome to my art.
I am a 2D painter in many mediums. I paint for the pleasure of expressing my feelings and emotions. My style changes according to what is influencing me at a particular time; from classical realism like Rembrandt and the dutch masters, to impressionism like Monet and Van Gogh, to contemporary modernism. I love the effect of colour, and the power in a line or a brushstroke as well as the visual excitement of contrast.
I try to let my art take me where it wants to go.Sometimes I just shut my mind off and let the brush and some inner instinct go where it wants, I don't resist, I just let it happen.I try to become totally immersed in the energy that exists within the boundaries of the canvas and allow it to show itself.To do this I need COLOUR. There is always something "inside" the canvas- it is my job and passion to let it out. Perhaps the "canvas" is my mind, perhaps not. I don't need to explain it- the painting is its own explanation.
I do not like to be constricted by boundaries or "pigeon holed" -Art is an exploration of what you feel, how you feel it, when you feel it.