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.... El Loco Deano

Singer, songwriter, guitar player.

Founding member of the legendary alt. country band The Flamin Locos.
The Flamin Locos Had two full length self penned releases which recieved regular air play on 4aaa Country for a period of two years as well as 4MMM and the A.B.C. During this time they performed many live to air songs and interviews on local and commercial stations.
The Flamin Locos toured extensively thruoghout Australia performing at many festivals including, The Gympie Muster ( main stage), Tamworth, Narooma, Port Fairy folk fest. . etc.
With recieving rave reviews in the U.S A and a song reaching number two on an independant chart the bands music was being heard on 256 radio stations in the U.S.
The band released songs through two record labels in the U.S.A. In 2004 The Locos disbanded and a solo album was on the way for Deano.
Amidst writing for the new album Deano co wrote many songs for other artists, recorded sound tracks for various DVD,s and movies, and recorded a song used for an advertising campaign on television.
Mow fronting his own band MEXICO BENDER , the album is to be released late 2008 and will be promoting throughout Australia and also returning the U.S.
Deano believes that country music needs to evolving particularly to entice a new younger audience and pushing the boundaries of the genre.
Could be described as outlaw country rock, honky tonk and a hint of punk rock and roll..
.........sounds scary doesnt it ?
Deano is an accomplished proven song writer who can entertain as entertainers are meant to.
Albums of varied styles to keep the listeners interested for longer.
A massive explosion is about to happen in the country music scene and MEXICO BENDER will be the arsons..