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“Ugliness is beauty, as much as beauty is ugliness”
South Australian artist and graphic designer Nick Griffin is the manager and sole producer of work for the online gallery “The Grina Gallery”. He is also the director and lead designer for Nick Griffin Design, an advertising and graphic design agency based in Adelaide. His work is highly influenced by his experiences as a sufferer of Bipolar, his work enriched with deep meaning and contemporary themes. Nick believes art is not necessarily about creating beautiful images, but rather visual imagery that evokes emotion and reaction in the viewer.

A lot Nicks work is experimental, but at times is influenced by Expressionism and Typographical practices while engaging in a strong sense of visual communication. A lot of his work has been described as conceptual, and as such the artist has a strong desire to communicate a message in his work. Fed up with typical beauty in art and design, Nicks main goal is to make ugly beautiful, and beautiful ugly. Under no circumstances is Nick a conformist, but rather he likes to challenge the acceptable.